August 2020

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Thinking About a YouTube Channel

I started this blog to write about technology. But I’m also thinking of starting a YouTube channel to review the technology I’m interested in. My expertise in telecommunications will surely be of help to those who want to make an informed purchase, plus it’ll be something I think I’ll really enjoy doing. I have a good camera for recording the videos, a room that I can use as a studio, as well as the necessary video editing skills and more than enough tech and gadgets to review to produce great content. I feel like I am all set.

I also keep up with other channels that review technology such as:

  • Marques Brownlee
  • Linus Tech Tips
  • Unbox Therapy
  • The Verge
  • Austin Evans
  • Android Authority
  • Mrwhosetheboss

They all have their own thing going on. Some of them specialize in laptops, some mostly review phones,  while others talk about gaming, cars, and everyday technology; they do it all! And this is how they earn their living. I hear the financial gains are really good. Of course, they’ve been in the YouTube game for a while now and have produced tons of material before their channels took off, but hey, I am willing and ambitious enough to get to where they are. 

Right now there are new and exciting developments in telecommunication. Analytics and Artificial intelligence might be my favorite. There’s also the topic of 5G and the data transferring potential that this network has. Also, imagine all the things you can do with your phone now, from controlling your Tesla, to controlling the air quality with an air purifier! Just think of what the new era of innovation can bring. Exciting, right? 

I also have all my social media set in place. I can share my content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, and ask for people to subscribe and like my videos. The plan is to produce consistent content and slowly but surely to reach 1000 subscribers with at least 4.000 watch hours in the next 12 months so I can start monetizing my channel.  

What do you guys think? Should I start a YouTube channel? Do you think that the market is saturated or there is more space for ambitious guys like me? Hit me up in the comments.