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No Plug in Mower

My grandpa used to push this rusty heavy manual lawn mower around the yard, and it wasn’t small. He lived in a rural area where everyone had an acre or two of land. You did all the work yourself in those parts. A portion of the property was a nice big lawn for the kids to picnic on and play in. He had muscles, my gramps! There were none of the best reciprocating saws to help him cut down trees. I suppose that’s why he resisted getting one of the cool new electric lawn mowers when they first came out. He didn’t want to deal with a power source and didn’t know about portable cordless ones (maybe they didn’t have them yet). He didn’t want fumes (before local ordinances stepped in) and noise complaints. He just wanted to get the job done. And so he did.

Now I have a fancy one by Worx and no muscles. Mine sells for under $500 and you can get this type on sale most anywhere they carry the brand. The manufacturer markets them to people who like a quiet and efficient lawn cutting tool that will not lose power. That’s me! No plug in mower, its trip free. The battery life is great. The machine can do about 18,000 square meters in one fell swoop before it dies. I don’t have that much, mind you, but I like the hypothetical estimate. It makes me feel secure.

After a while you have to recharge it but it’s no biggie. It is worth the ease of use. You can get a plug in attachment, but I like it the way it is just fine. I never want to see a rippling snaky cord flying about around me, waiting to trap me in the act and cause a major hospital visit. By the way, this baby is made in the USA, another nice attraction. I also like the fact that no oil or gas is needed. You just press the start button and it roars into action.

It has super cool stuff like an “Intelicut” system that controls the amount of power sent to the blade. It will vary with your lawn variety, of course, and desired height. Brilliant! It’s got maximum energy efficiency as well. Plus the 19 inch deck provides an ample cutting diameter for big lawns, just in case you have one like gramps. It is called a three-in-one model as it can work in mulch, bag, or rear discharge mode for your many grass clippings. Wow!

In case you want to know more, it has some additional attributes besides housing a 36-volt battery. You can adjust the lever for cutting from 1.5 to 3.5 inches. There is also a battery light to tell you when to recharge. But wait, there’s more. A foam padded handle is comfortable and secure while the 8-inch rear wheels offer great mobility, even over rough surfaces. The handle collapses easily and stores away.

So is this one for you? It was for me. You can get cheaper ones, but you may regret it.