Mobile Internet: At Your Service

A four-man crew is installing an Energy Management System at one of the largest chain stores in the country.  Over a relatively short time period, it will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, a feat that will ideally benefit the consumer as well.  The men shut down the main power to the refrigeration system which controls the temperature on about a million dollars-worth of food that must remain frozen or cooled.  A temporary electrical supply source is set in place.  It will only provide service for about one hour.  The clock is ticking.

After cables are run and the electrical work is done, one man makes a call to the technical department across the country that oversees the operation.  Via internet on the mobile phone, the job will be commissioned and given the green light to reconnect the main electrical supply, or not.  It’s a race against time.  If any repairs have to be made or any problems require trouble-shooting, it must be done in haste.

Mobile Internet enables electricians and other service workers keep up with the times.  It provides the means to do very important tasks at any location and to have those tasks commissioned or tested from miles away, sometimes a whole continent away.  In return, companies are able to install, repair or update much more efficiently and in a more timely, less expensive manner because the services rendered are able to communicate from afar rather than being dependent for all parties concerned to be in one location.

There are a lot of times that mobile internet can be convenient and entertaining.  You can catch up of the latest news feeds on Facebook, email a friend and even send a photo you just took.  There are other times when having mobile internet can literally save the day.  Your bank account has just been hacked into.  Your cable bill is overdue and is moments away from your service being disconnected.  Being able to get that one vital email can sometimes save your life from ruin.

Then there are the times you are stuck in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or on the subway.  It’s just good time management to catch up on emails or to click online to check a bank balance or whatever else needs to be done.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to unravel and play a game online.

Mobile internet is noteworthy of saving lives too.  Weather can be tracked, steering people from treacherous conditions such as flooding and tornadoes.  Traveling has been made much easier too.  It can be very inconvenient and downright dangerous to get lost.   Internet availability via a hot spot enables the navigation feature on many mobile phones.  A whole route can even be put in an internet program that will map out the best way to go.

It’s a busy, demanding and sometimes dangerous world.  Mobile internet is technology’s answer to many problems that arise in the modern times in which we live.  The internet… it’s good to not to have to leave home without it.