September 12, 2014

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Facing the Facts: Face Time Makes for Picture Perfect Parenting

The iPhone face time feature is a fabulous feature for parents.  The exciting technology available on Apple mobile phones allows for video-audio calls which can really come in quite handy.  It can make the duties and joys of parenting a lot easier, for sure.

Face time is available on the iPhone 4 and newer versions.  It can also be accessed on a Mac OS X 10.6 or higher in which the face time app is installed in.  A Wi-Fi or network with 3G or 4G connection is also required.

To initiate a face time call, make sure the option is enabled and the contact or the phone number is in your phone.  Then, simply slide the face time notch to the “on” position and begin the call.  Or, just push the button to “accept” if you are the one being called.

So how has face time come to make the job of parenting easier?  Let me take you on a stroll down memory lane.  When I was a teen-ager, I had a strict curfew.  I was to be in at midnight.  Midnight?  The party was just getting started at midnight which was what my parents knew and the exact reason I had the said curfew.  Quite often I would spend the night with one of my mates who could stay out later.  Of course I did not mention that fact to my parents.  There were certain mates who had no curfew at all which worked out well for my teen-age endeavors but would have horrified my parents, had they known.

But my parents didn’t know.  There was much they didn’t know.  Sometimes they had me call when I got where I was supposed to be going.  I could usually fudge that and call from somewhere else.  Enter the face time feature.  I can hear how it would have gone down if my mum had have had this feature available.  “Sure you can spend the night at Bobby’s,” she would have said.  “Just face time me when you get to his house at midnight.”

I know, it feels like you are being intrusive.  That’s alright.  Parents can be intrusive.  In fact, they should be intrusive.

Sometimes you can best get your point across with some eye-to-eye contact.  Your words will go much further and will be taken more to heart when you simply click on to face time for that parent-child or parent-t0-teen talk.  Trust me, I would have gotten in far less mischief had my mum and dad had face time.

And not all face timing with your offspring is for protective purposes.  Maybe your son is celebrating a great soccer game win and you weren’t able to attend the game.  Catching that smile on face time is absolutely priceless.  Or, your daughter is choosing a dress for the prom and you are stuck at work.  You can now put your opinion in via face time.

Through the years, many things have changed drastically.  Some things have not changed at all.  Children will forever be trying to pull one over on their parents and wise parents will be a step ahead.

Don’t miss a moment.   Face time is an excellent tool for stopping bad behavior in its tracks.  It’s also the perfect solution for making sure you don’t miss those magical moments.  Facing parenting with face time is undoubtedly picture perfect.