September 05, 2014

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Saving Relationships One Skype at a Time


Not so many years ago, traveling for a living pretty much was a death sentence for a relationship.  Although there were couples and families that did make it through, they rarely came out unscathed.  Being away from home, so many things were missed it was hard not to feel isolated and disconnected.  But all that has changed.

The economy has called for many of us to relocate or travel in order to chase work wherever we can find it.  In the past, that would have meant all too many milestones would be missed.  Your baby’s first steps, your daughter getting ready for her first dance, those are moments that photographs and phone calls just can’t do justice to.  But now, thanks to Skype technology, we can share real time events as they are unfolding.  That is…priceless!

Skype isn’t just for long distance relationships.  It’s a flirty little prelude to a special date night or a personal touch to a birthday wish.  It’s a good way for a wife to show her husband, firsthand, just what’s wrong with the kitchen sink so he can grab a part on the way home.

Skyping keeps us business savvy too.  Many of us are fortunate enough to work online.  We can work from home, a coffee house or while taking a road trip or even traveling internationally.  Sometimes, however, emails just don’t offer enough communication.  Whether its employers and employees trying to connect or two writers working to collaborate a book, there are times when Skyping is simply a lifesaver.

You don’t have to be a technical genius to Skype.  That’s the joy of Skyping.  Simply open an account at  It’s easy and best of all, it’s free.  You’ll choose an account name that will identify you.  Then add your contacts and once they accept, you are ready to roll.  You can then make and accept calls.  Skyping is free except for a small fee for actual phone calls.

This is where it gets really exciting because you can choose which style of Skyping fits the situation at hand.  Are you conducting business but are still in your pajamas with your hair (not to mention, your kitchen) a big mess?  Opt for instant messaging or voice chat.

Dying to see your baby’s first tooth?  Click on the video chat for an experience so real you can almost touch her.  Video Skype is also an excellent tool for tending to business where you need to show a co-worker how to do a task that is difficult to explain through emails or even instant messaging.  Sometimes a video Skype is worth a thousand words.

For those who have never Skyped before, it’s like the first time doing anything, it may be a bit awkward.  Remember your first email or Facebook post?  Yeah, it’s like that.  But you will find that once you get the hang of it, Skype may save your job and your relationship too.  Maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but then again, maybe it is.  Skype, it’s a real time solution to real life situations.